What does the registration fee include?


The fee includes pass to attend all days of the conference, conference handouts and materials, tea/coffee and lunch on actual conference days, and publishing of the paper/case in the Preoceedings of the International Conference on Business Management and Information Systems (Hardcopy), submission to online and printed journals for publishing (see Publiscations).

The regisration fee does not include travel, stay, boarding and any expenses incurred by the participants.


Registration Fee


How much is the registration fee for the conference?


The registration fee depends on when do you register (early-bird, regular or late) and in what category you register. Click http://www.ijacp.org/icbmis2015.sg2/index.php/call-for-paper-info/registration-fee/registration-fee-amount to see details.


Are there group discounts?


Yes, you can claim group discount. Click http://www.ijacp.org/icbmis2015.sg2/index.php/call-for-paper-info/registration-fee/registration-fee-amount for details.


We are a team of 3 authors who have written a paper. All of us would like to attend the conference. Do all the 3 members have to pay registration fee?


Any person who attends the conference needs to pay registration fee. So in the case cited above, all three need to pay registration fee. They can choose as to how they wish to register. They can register as presenting authors or some can register as presenting authors and others as attendees and pay fees accordingly. Normal discounts will apply.



No. of authors 3

Registration category Presenting authors

Type of registration Regular (registered between July 16-Sep 30, 2013)

Gross registration fee US$450 each * 3 registrants = US$1,350

Less discount 10% * US$1,350 = US$135

Net payable US$1,215


We are a group and would like to claim group discount. Should all group members pay together in one payment transaction?


No, you don’t need to pay together. You can pay individually. However, you need to inform the managing editor that you would be registering as a group.


Who can register as a group?


Please click http://www.ijacp.org/icbmis2015.sg2/index.php/call-for-paper-info/registration-fee/registration-fee-amount for details.


How do I pay the registration fee?


There are 3 ways you can pay the registration fee:

a. The preferred way is to pay through Paypal
b. Credit card using the Paypal link and selecting that you don't have a Paypal account and want to pay by credit card
c. Wire transfer to IJACP's bank (Chase Bank, Houston)
d. Participants in USA or Canada may also pay by echeck. 


Which is the bank the conference has account with?


Chase Bank, USA. Exact details for wire transfer and echeck are available upon request. Send a mail to managing.editor@ijacp.org .


Certificate of Participation


The certificate of participation that a registrant receives will depend upon the category of registration. Presenting authors will receive certificates that will mention their names, affiliations, and the statement that they presented papers as authors at the conference.

Attendees will receive certificates that will mention that they attended the conference as attendees. The certificates will make no mention of papers or their authorship/co-authorship.


 What are the provisions for refund of registration fees?


Please see Refund Policy


Where will my paper/case be published?


Please see Publications


What is the venue of the conference?


Please see Conference Location