Submission Guidelines

The Submission Process

The submission process comprises the following steps:

  1. Author submits abstract
  2. IJACP reviews the abstract and informs the author of
    • Any modification that needs to be made, or
    • The acceptance of the abstract, or
    • The rejection of the abstract
  3. Should the author receive a request to modify the abstract, the author should modify the abstract and re-submit the abstract
  4. Should the author receive an acceptance of the abstract, the author should submit the full paper. IJACP will review the full paper and inform the author in case any changes to be made
  5. Should the author receives a rejection of his/her abstract, the process concludes and no further action is required from IJACP or the author

Length of Submissions

  • Abstract

    Abstract should be at least 2500 characters long including spaces and should not exceed 5000 characters. It must include: 

-The title of the submission
-Brief introduction and background of the research/case/WIP including current state
-Brief but comprehensive summary of the research/case/WIP
-Brief desciption of research methodology
-Brief description of sample; coverage, size, geography, criteria etc.
-Findings and observations
-List of keywords 

  • Full Paper

    Submissions should be at least 2,000 words and should not exceed 5,000 words.  The number of  pages must not exceed 6 (six) including abstract, figures, references and appendices. Additional publishing charges may be applicable should the submission exceed 6 pages.

Formatting and Proofreading

Your full paper should be in compliance with the ICBMIS2013 template. Please download the template Full Paper Template

Write-protect Submission Files

Please write protect your MS Word file by setting the property of the file to ‘Read Only’. (Right-click the file name, select ‘Properties’ and check the box ‘Read Only’). Please do not password-protect the file.

Proof Reading

To ensure publishable standards in language and style, it is strongly recommended to get the papers proof-read by a professional proof-reader.

Uploading your Submissions

This section explains how to submit your work to this conference and provides information to help you through the process from abstract submission to preparing your presentation at the conference.

All submissions will be made online using IJACP’s website ( Please click Upload Submission link to reach the page to upload your submissions

Direct Link for Uploading Submissions

The direct link to the website to upload submissions is: